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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Food AllergenEntry DateModified Date
Hevea brasiliensis (Para rubber tree (latex))
Hev b 1Rubber elongation factor14No2003-07-032010-04-29
Hev b 2beta-1,3-glucanase34No2003-07-032010-04-29
Hev b 3Small rubber particle protein24No2003-07-032010-04-29
Hev b 4Lecithinase homologue53-55No2003-07-032010-04-29
Hev b 516No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 6Hevein precursor20No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 7Patatin-like protein42No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 8Profilin15No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 9Enolase51No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 10Superoxide dismutase (Mn)26No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 11Class I chitinase30No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 12Non-specific lipid transfer protein type 1 (nsLTP1)9No2003-07-242015-02-05
Hev b 13Esterase42No2003-07-242010-04-29
Hev b 14Hevamine30No2010-07-302016-10-11
Hev b 15Serine protease inhibitor7.5 kDaNo2014-04-242016-10-11
Manihot esculenta (Cassava, manioc)
Man e 5Glutamic acid rich protein30 kDa (anomalous migration due to high P and E content)Yes2011-04-132016-10-11
Mercurialis annua (Annual mercury)
Mer a 1Profilin14.1; 15.8No2007-09-252013-06-27
Ricinus communis (Castor bean)
Ric c 12S albuminYes2003-08-082010-04-29