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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Food AllergenEntry DateModified Date
Bos domesticus Bos taurus (domestic cattle)
Bos d 2Lipocalin20No2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 3S100 calcium-binding protein A711No2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 4Alpha-lactalbumin14.2Yes2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 5Beta-lactoglobulin18.3Yes2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 6Serum albumin67Yes2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 7Immunoglobulin160Yes2003-02-052010-04-29
Bos d 8Caseins (for individual components see Bos d 9-Bos d 12)20-30Yes2003-02-052012-08-30
Bos d 9alphaS1-caseinYes2012-08-302016-10-11
Bos d 10alphaS2-caseinYes2012-08-302016-10-11
Bos d 11beta-caseinYes2012-08-302016-10-11
Bos d 12kappa-caseinYes2012-08-302016-10-11
Canis familiaris (dog)
Can f 1Lipocalin23-25No2003-02-052014-01-08
Can f 2Lipocalin19 (27)No2003-02-052010-04-29
Can f 3Serum albumin69No2003-02-052014-01-09
Can f 4Lipocalin16 (non-red.), 18 (red.)No2004-04-252014-01-08
Can f 5Arginine esterase, prostatic kallikrein28 kDaNo2008-12-032014-01-10
Can f 6Lipocalin27 and 29 kDaNo2011-04-032016-10-11
Can f 7Epididymal Secretory Protein E1, or Niemann Pick type C2 protein16 kDaNo2015-11-022016-10-11
Cavia porcellus (guinea pig)
Cav p 1Lipocalin20No2003-02-052010-04-29
Cav p 2Lipocalin17 kDaNo2006-02-252010-04-29
Cav p 3Lipocalin18No2009-09-282010-04-29
Cav p 4Serum albumin66 kDaNo2012-12-202016-10-11
Cav p 6Lipocalin18 kDaNo2012-12-202016-10-11
Clupea harengus (Atlantic herring)
Clu h 1Beta-parvalbumin12 kDaYes2009-12-302014-11-03
Crocodylus porosus (Australian Saltwater crocodile)
Cro p 1beta-parvalbumin11.6 kDaYes2018-04-152018-04-15
Cro p 2alpha-parvalbumin13 kDaYes2018-04-152018-04-16
Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)
Cyp c 1beta-parvalbumin12Yes2013-09-102016-10-11
Equus asinus (Donkey)
Equ a 6Lysozyme15 kDaYes2017-12-142017-12-14
Equus caballus (domestic horse)
Equ c 1Lipocalin25No2003-02-052015-01-27
Equ c 2Lipocalin17No2003-02-052010-04-29
Equ c 3Serum albumin67No2003-02-052010-04-29
Equ c 4Latherin17, 20.5No2003-02-052012-08-30
Equ c 5deleted (identical to Equ c 4); designation not available for future submissionsNo2003-02-052012-08-30
Equ c 6Lysozyme15 kDaYes2017-12-142017-12-14
Felis domesticus (cat)
Fel d 1Uteroglobin (chain 1)14 and 4No2003-02-052010-04-29
Fel d 2Serum albumin69No2003-02-052011-09-22
Fel d 3Cystatin11No2003-02-052010-04-29
Fel d 4Lipocalin22No2006-02-252010-04-29
Fel d 5wImmunoglobulin A400No2006-02-252010-04-29
Fel d 6wImmunoglobulin M800-1000No2006-02-252010-04-29
Fel d 7von Ebner gland protein17.5 kDaNo2010-01-282010-04-29
Fel d 8Latherin-like protein24 kDaNo2010-10-132016-10-11
Gadus callarias (Baltic cod)
Gad c 1Beta-parvalbumin12Yes2003-07-012010-04-29
Gadus morhua (Atlantic cod)
Gad m 1Beta-parvalbumin12Yes2011-01-252016-10-11
Gad m 2Beta-enolase47.3 kDaYes2012-07-302016-10-11
Gad m 3Aldolase A40 kDaYes2012-07-302016-10-11
Gallus domesticus (chicken)
Gal d 1Ovomucoid28Yes2003-07-012010-04-29
Gal d 2Ovalbumin44Yes2003-07-012010-04-29
Gal d 3Ovotransferrin78Yes2003-07-012010-04-29
Gal d 4Lysozyme C14Yes2003-07-012010-04-29
Gal d 5Serum albumin69Yes2003-07-032015-12-19
Gal d 6YGP4235 kDaYes2009-09-222011-08-05
Gal d 7Myosin light chain 1f22 kDaYes2015-08-172016-10-11
Gal d 8alpha-parvalbumin 11.8 kDaYes2016-02-222016-10-11
Gal d 9Beta-enolase50 kDaYes2016-02-222017-08-07
Gal d 10AldolaseYes2016-02-222017-08-07
Homo sapiens (human autoallergens)
Hom s 1Squamous cell carcinoma antigen SART-155-60No2003-08-142010-04-29
Hom s 2Nascent polypeptide-associated complex alpha subunitN.A.No2003-08-142010-04-29
Hom s 3BCL7B protein22-23No2003-08-142010-04-29
Hom s 4Atopy related autoantigen CALCN.A.No2003-08-142010-04-29
Hom s 5Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 6AN.A.No2003-08-142010-04-29
Lates calcarifer (Barramundi)
Lat c 1Beta-parvalbumin11.5 kDaYes2014-11-132016-10-11
Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis (Megrim, Whiff, Turbot fish)
Lep w 1Beta-parvalbumin11.5 kDaYes2008-07-042010-04-29
Mesocricetus auratus (Golden hamster, Syrian hamster)
Mes a 1lipocalin~20.5kDa, ~24kDa, ~30kDa - native form and ~22kDa recombinant formNo2015-11-102016-11-29
Mus musculus (mouse)
Mus m 1Lipocalin/ urinary prealbumin17No2003-02-052016-11-29
Oncorhynchus keta (Chum salmon)
Onc k 5beta-prime-component of vitellogenin18 kdaYes2012-12-182016-10-11
Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow trout)
Onc m 1Beta-parvalbumin12 kDaYes2011-04-142016-10-10
Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia)
Ore m 4Tropomyosin33 kDaYes2012-07-302016-10-11
Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)
Ory c 1Lipocalin17-18No2003-02-112010-04-29
Ory c 3Lipophilin19-21 kDa (glycosylated heterodimer), 12-14 kDa (deglycosylated heterodimer)No2013-01-242016-10-11
Ory c 4Lipocalin24 kDaNo2013-10-082018-01-29
Phodopus sungorus (Siberian hamster)
Phod s 1lipocalin23 kDaNo2016-07-072016-10-11
Rana esculenta (edible frog)
Ran e 1Alpha-parvalbumin11.9Yes2004-10-272010-04-29
Ran e 2Beta-parvalbumin11.7Yes2004-10-272010-04-29
Rastrelliger kanagurta (Indian Mackerel)
Ras k 1Parvalbumin11.3 kDYes2016-08-282018-04-16
Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Rat n 1Alpha-2u-globulin/ Lipocalin17No2003-02-052010-04-29
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)
Sal s 1Beta-parvalbumin 112Yes2003-08-082010-04-29
Sal s 2Beta-Enolase47.3 kDaYes2011-08-262016-10-11
Sal s 3Aldolase A40Yes2012-07-302016-10-11
Sardinops sagax (Pacific pilchard)
Sar sa 1Beta-parvalbumin12 kDaYes2008-12-022010-04-29
Sebastes marinus (Ocean perch, redfish, snapper)
Seb m 1Beta-parvalbumin11 kDaYes2009-12-302010-04-29
Sus scrofa (Domestic pig)
Sus s 1Serum albumin60 kDaYes2015-11-302016-11-29
Thunnus albacares (Yellowfin tuna)
Thu a 1Beta-parvalbumin11 kDaYes2009-12-302010-04-29
Thu a 2Beta-enolase50Yes2012-07-302016-10-11
Thu a 3Aldolase A40Yes2012-07-302016-10-11
Xiphias gladius (Swordfish)
Xip g 1Beta-parvalbumin11.5 kDaYes2008-10-232010-04-29