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Allergen Details:

Allergen name: Der f 4
Lineage: Source: Animalia Arthropoda
Order: Astigmata
Species: Dermatophagoides farinae (American house dust mite)
Biochemical name:alpha-amylase
MW(SDS-PAGE):57.9 kDa
Allergenicity:Eleven of 27 airway allergic subjects with IgE to Dermatophagoides farinae had positive IgE binding to recombinant alpha-amylase of D. farinae
Allergenicity reference:26842967
Route of allergen exposure:Unknown
Date Created:
Last Updated:2016-10-11 20:01:32
Submitter Info:
Name:Yubao Cui
Institution:Yancheng Hosptial, Southeast University School of Medicine
City:Yancheng, China
Submission Date:2016-04-02


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Isoallergen and variants GenBank Nucleotide GenBank Protein UniProt PDB
Der f 4.0101KJ400030AHX03180