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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Amaranthus retroflexus (Redroot pigweed)
Ama r 1Ole e 1- like protein18 kDa Airway28-05-20152019-06-28
Ama r 2Profilin14 kDaAirway15-10-20092020-05-13
Beta vulgaris (Sugar beet)
Beta v 1Che a 1/Ole e 1 homolgue17 kDaAirway18-08-20082019-07-16
Beta v 2Profilin, pollen14 kDaAirway18-08-20082019-07-16
Chenopodium album (Lamb's quarters, white goosefoot)
Che a 1Ole e 1 homologue17 kDa Airway03-11-20062019-07-31
Che a 2Profilin14 kDaAirway03-11-20062019-07-31
Che a 3Polcalcin10 kDaAirway03-11-20062019-07-31
Fagopyrum esculentum (Common buckwheat)
Fag e 22S albumin16 kDaFood27-05-20102019-08-16
Fag e 3alpha-hairpinin19 kDa (fragment)Food05-04-20122023-03-15
Fag e 4Hevein-like antimicrobial peptide3.9 kDaFood21-04-20172023-03-15
Fag e 5Vicilin-like protein55 kDaFood07-10-20172019-08-16
Fagopyrum tataricum (Tartarian buckwheat)
Fag t 22S albumin16 kDaFood08-04-20112020-05-14
Fag t 6Oleosin18 kDaFood2021/02/252021-07-10
Kali turgidum (Prickly saltwort [Salsola kali])
Sal k 1Pectin methylesterase43 kDaAirway17-04-20032019-09-07
Sal k 2Protein kinase homologue36 kDaAirway17-04-20032019-09-07
Sal k 3Cobalamin independent methionine synthase39+45 kDaAirway08-09-20092019-09-07
Sal k 4Profilin14 kDaAirway08-09-20092020-05-13
Sal k 5Ole e 1-like protein18.2 kDaAirway27-11-20092019-09-07
Sal k 6Polygalacturonase47 kDa cleaves to 28 kDaAirway01-06-20172019-09-07
Sal k 7Polcalcin8.5 kDaAirway24-03-20172019-09-07
Kochia scoparia (Burning bush)
Koc s 1Ole e 1- like protein18 kDa Airway17-07-20152019-08-28
Koc s 2profilin~14.5 kDaAirway18-08-20142020-05-14