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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Chamaecyparis obtusa (Japanese cypress)
Cha o 1Pectate lyase47 kDaAirway27-03-20032019-07-31
Cha o 2Polygalacturonase45 kDaAirway27-03-20032019-07-31
Cha o 3Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase)63kDaAirway25-08-20152019-07-31
Cryptomeria japonica (Sugi, Japanese cedar)
Cry j 1Pectate lyase41-45 kDa (45-50 kDa non-red)Airway27-03-20032019-08-03
Cry j 2Polygalacturonase45 kDa (37 kDa non-red)Airway01-04-20032019-08-03
Cry j 3Thaumatin-like protein (pathogenesis-related protein PR-5)27 kDaAirway2023-12-142023-12-14
Cry j 7Gibberellin-regulated protein7 kDaAirway2020/2/242020-06-24
Cupressus arizonica (Cypress)
Cup a 1Pectate lyase43 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-09
Cupressus sempervirens (Common cypress)
Cup s 1Pectate lyase43 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-15
Cup s 2Polygalacturonase43 kDaAirway29-05-20172019-08-09
Cup s 3Thaumatin-like protein34 kDaAirway25-04-20042019-08-09
Cup s 7Gibberellin-regulated protein9.5 kDaAirway2019-12-18
Juniperus ashei (Mountain cedar)
Jun a 1Pectate lyase43 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-28
Jun a 2Polygalacturonase43 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-28
Jun a 3Thaumatin-like protein30 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-28
Jun a 7Gibberellin-regulated protein7 kDaAirway2020/2/242020-03-25
Juniperus oxycedrus (Prickly juniper)
Jun o 1Pectate lyase40 kDaAirway2022/03/232022-04-06
Jun o 4Polcalcin-like protein (4 EF hand domains)29 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-28
Juniperus sabinoides (Mountain cedar)
Jun s 1Airway02-04-20032019-08-28
Juniperus virginiana (Eastern red cedar)
Jun v 1Pectate lyase43 kDaAirway02-04-20032019-08-28
Jun v 3Thaumatin-like protein10 kDaAirway08-04-20032020-05-14
Pinus koraiensis (Korean pine)
Pin k 2Vicilin48 kDaFood28-10-20162019-09-05
Pinus pinea (Stone pine)
Pin p 12S albumin6 kDa (reducing) and 15 kDa (non-reducing)Food18-08-20152021-06-23