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Allergen Details:

Allergen name: Para c 11
Allergen source: Major taxonomic group: Animalia Arthropoda
Order: Decapoda
Species: Paralithodes camtschaticus (Red king crab)
NCBI Taxomony ID: 6741
Biochemical name:Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase
Allergenicity:99 sera from shellfish-allergic patients, as diagnosed by convincing history of allergic reactions after shellfish ingestion, positive SPT with shellfish extract mix and crab ImmunoCAP > 0.7 kUA/L, were tested. Of those, 7 sera (7%) had IgE to recombinant Para c 11.0101 as measured by ELISA.
Route of allergen exposure:Food
Date Created:2024-05-17 17:51:27
Last Updated:2024-05-17 18:50:30
Submitter Info:
Name:Wai Yee Yan Christine; LI Shanshan
Institution:Department of Paediatrics and Hong Kong Hub of Paediatric Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
City:Hong Kong, China;
Submission Date:2024-04-18


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Isoallergen and variants GenBank Nucleotide GenBank Protein UniProt PDB
Para c 11.0101PP541528WYC14267