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Allergen Details:

Allergen name: Amb a 4
Allergen source: Major taxonomic group: Plantae Eudikotyledons
Order: Asterales
Species: Ambrosia artemisiifolia (Short ragweed)
NCBI Taxomony ID: 4212
Obsolete name:Art v 1 homologue precursor
Biochemical name:Defensin-like protein linked to polyproline-rich region
MW(SDS-PAGE):28-30 kDa
Allergenicity:Patients allergic to mugwort and ragweed that were SPT positive, RAST positive gave sera. ELISA and ELISA inhibition were used to demonstrate IgE binding
Allergenicity reference:PubMed:20576600
Route of allergen exposure:Airway
Date Created:
Last Updated:2020-05-13 21:12:55
Submitter Info:
Name:Friedrich Altmann
Institution:University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU)
City:Vienna, Austria
Submission Date:2011-02-01


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Isoallergen and variants GenBank Nucleotide GenBank Protein UniProt PDB
Amb a 4.0101FN687761CBK52317D4IHC0