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Allergen Details:

Allergen name: Vig r 6
Allergen source: Major taxonomic group: Plantae Eudikotyledons
Order: Fabales
Species: Vigna radiata (Mung bean)
NCBI Taxomony ID: 157791
Biochemical name:Cytokinin-specific binding protein (CSBP), Bet v 1 family member
Allergenicity:Of 19 patients who reported allergic reactions or had positive prick-to-prick tests to mung bean sprouts, 63% showed IgE binding to Vig r 6 by ELISA.
Allergenicity reference:PubMed:23996905
Route of allergen exposure:Food
Date Created:03-05-2012
Last Updated:2019-09-06 20:08:10
Submitter Info:
Name:Eva E. Guhsl, Christian Radauer
Institution:Medical University of Vienna, Department of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research
City:Vienna, Austria
Submission Date:


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Isoallergen and variants GenBank Nucleotide GenBank Protein UniProt PDB
Vig r 6.0101AB012218BAA74451Q9ZWP82FLH 3C0V