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Allergen Details:

Allergen name: Ani s 14
Allergen source: Major taxonomic group: Animalia Nematoda
Order: Ascaridida
Species: Anisakis simplex (Herring worm)
NCBI Taxomony ID: 6269
Biochemical name:3rd stage larval protein unknown function
MW(SDS-PAGE):24 kDa as deduced, 27 kDa on gel with His-tag
Allergenicity:14 out of 26 patients reactive to proteins of Anisakis, not to fish, were tested positive on ELISA using purified recombinant allergen expressed in E. coli.
Allergenicity reference:PubMed:26537648
Route of allergen exposure:Food
Date Created:13-02-2015
Last Updated:2019-07-03 18:53:24
Submitter Info:
Name:Yukihiro Kobayashi
Institution:Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Submission Date:2015-02-13


Posted: 21 Feb 2016

cDNA clone was rare, from 3rd stage larvae of Anisakis simplex. The new publication in Food Hygiene and Safety Science (Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi) provides a very good description.

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Isoallergen and variants GenBank Nucleotide GenBank Protein UniProt PDB
Ani s 14.0101LC027371BAT62430A0A0S3Q267