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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Food AllergenEntry DateModified Date
Aspergillus flavus (Cereal mold)
Asp fl 13Alkaline serine protease34No2003-08-212010-04-29
Aspergillus fumigatus (Common mold)
Asp f 1Mitogillin family18No2003-08-212010-04-29
Asp f 237No2003-08-212010-04-29
Asp f 3Peroxysomal protein19No2003-08-212010-04-29
Asp f 430No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 5Metalloprotease40No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 6Mn superoxide dismutase26.5No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 712No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 8Ribosomal protein P211No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 934No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 10Aspartate protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 11Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase24No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 12Heat shock protein P9090No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 13Alkaline serine protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 1516No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 1643No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 17No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 18Vacuolar serine protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 22Enolase46No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp f 23L3 ribosomal protein44No2006-02-262010-04-29
Asp f 27Cyclophilin18No2006-02-262010-04-29
Asp f 28Thioredoxin13No2006-02-262010-04-29
Asp f 29Thioredoxin13No2006-02-262010-04-29
Asp f 34PhiA cell wall protein20No2007-06-052010-04-29
Aspergillus niger (Black mold)
Asp n 14Beta-xylosidase105No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp n 18Vacuolar serine protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp n 253-phytase B66-100No2006-02-262010-04-29
Aspergillus oryzae (Rice mold)
Asp o 13Alkaline serine protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Asp o 21TAKA-amylase A53No2003-08-262014-10-09
Aspergillus versicolor
Asp v 13Extracellular alkaline serine protease43 kDaNo2011-04-072016-10-11
Penicillium brevicompactum (Penicillin)
Pen b 13Alkaline serine protease33No2003-08-262010-04-29
Pen b 26Acidic ribosomal prot. P111No2006-02-262012-02-27
Penicillium chrysogenum (Penicillin)
Pen ch 13Alkaline serine protease34No2003-08-262010-04-29
Pen ch 18Vacuolar serine protease32No2003-08-262010-04-29
Pen ch 20N-acetyl-glucosaminidase68No2003-08-312010-04-29
Pen ch 31CalreticulinNo2007-02-082010-04-29
Pen ch 3316No2007-02-182010-04-29
Pen ch 35Transaldolase36.5No2010-07-292016-10-11
Penicillium citrinum (Penicillin)
Pen c 3Peroxysomal membrane protein18No2003-08-312010-04-29
Pen c 13Alkaline serine protease33No2003-08-312010-04-29
Pen c 19Heat shock protein P7070No2003-08-312010-04-29
Pen c 22Enolase46No2003-08-312010-04-29
Pen c 24elongation factor 1 betaNo2006-02-262010-04-29
Pen c 30Catalase97No2007-02-082010-04-29
Pen c 32Pectate lyase40No2007-02-182010-04-29
Penicillium crustosum
Pen cr 2660S acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein P111 kDaNo2014-02-182016-10-11
Penicillium oxalicum (Penicillin )
Pen o 18Vacuolar serine protease34No2003-08-312010-04-29