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Procedures and Review of New Allergen Submissions to the Allergen Nomenclature Database

  1. Investigators should download and complete the Allergen Submission Form (MS Word format, 182 KB). This form should contain as much relevant information about the proposed new allergens as possible. Ideally, the form should be submitted as soon as data on the allergen has been completed and prior to submitting the allergen for publication. The completed form should be submitted by e-mail to: Dr. Christian Radauer (
  2. Two (or more) members of the Executive Committee will review the submission and assess whether the allergen fulfills the molecular and immunological requirements for inclusion into the allergen nomenclature. The reviewers will also check for homologies with other known allergens and for any ambiguities with named allergens. The review process will take approximately two weeks after the date of submission. The committee may ask for additional information prior to making a decision to grant (or deny) an allergen name.
  3. The Chair of the Executive Committee will notify investigators about the status of the proposed new allergen. If the allergen is deemed to fulfill the requirements, the investigators can use the new allergen nomenclature in publications, presentations etc. The full committee will confirm the nomenclature at the next Sub-committee meeting. Typically, these are held twice per year at the AAAAI and the EAACI international allergy meetings. Should the allergen not fulfill the requirements, the reviewers may ask for more data or for further clarification about the allergen from the investigator. In some cases, the committee may suggest that the allergen be re-named based on pre-existing data or homologies with known allergens. In some circumstances, investigators may request or be invited to present their rationale for naming the allergen at a Sub-committee meeting.
  4. Once the allergen name has been approved by the two primary reviewers, the data will be included in the Allergen Nomenclature database at: