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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Aedes aegypti (Yellow fever mosquito)
Aed a 1Apyrase68Unknown20-05-20032010-04-29
Aed a 2Salivary D7 protein37Injection2018-10-09
Aed a 3Undefined 30 kDa salivary protein30Unknown20-05-20032015-12-30
Aed a 4α-glucosidase67 kDaUnknown2016-10-11
Aed a 5Sarcoplasmic Ca+ (EF-hand) binding protein28.5 kDaUnknown2017-12-22
Aed a 6Porin3Unknown2016-10-11
Aed a 7Undefined proteinUnknown2017-12-22
Aed a 8Heat Shock cognate protein-70Unknown2017-12-22
Aed a 10Tropomyosin32 kDaUnknown2017-12-22
Aed a 11Lysosomal aspartic proteaseUnknown2017-12-22
Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito)
Aed al 2D7 like salivary odorant binding protein33 kDaInjection2018-10-09
Aed al 330 kDa Salivary protein 30 kDaInjection2018-10-09
Anopheles dirus B (Malaria mosquito SE Asia)
Ano d 2Odorant binding protein15 kDaInjection2018-10-20
Chironomus kiiensis (Midge)
Chi k 10TropomyosinUnknown20-05-20032010-04-29
Chironomus thummi thummi (Midge)
Chi t 1Hemoglobin, component III/IV16Unknown20-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 2Hemoglobin, component I/IA16Unknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 3Hemoglobin, components II-beta, VI, VII, VIII, IX16Unknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 4Hemoglobin, component IIIA16Unknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 5renamed to Chi t 3.0201; designation not available for future submissionsUnknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 6renamed to Chi t 3.03 and Chi t 3.04; designation not avbailable for future submissionsUnknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 7renamed to Chi t 3.05-Chi t 3.08; designation not available for future submissionsUnknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 8renamed to Chi t 3.09; designation not available for future submissionsUnknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Chi t 9Hemoglobin, component X16Unknown22-05-20032012-08-30
Culex quinquifasciatus (Southern House Mosquito)
Cul q 2Salivary odorant binding protein33 kDaInjection2018-10-20
Cul q 3Salivary odorant binding protein 235 kDaInjection2018-10-20
Forcipomyia taiwana (Biting midge)
For t 1Serine/threonine-protein kinase14 kDaUnknownJul 12 2002010-04-29
For t 2Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit36 kDaUnknownJul 12 2002010-04-29
Glossina morsitans (Savannah Tsetse Fly)
Glo m 5Tsetse antigen 5, CAP protein superfamily member27 kDaUnknownFeb 11 2012010-04-29
Tabanus yao (Horsefly)
Tab y 1Apyrase70 kDaUnknown2016-10-11
Tab y 2Hyaluronidase35 kDaUnknown2016-10-11
Tab y 5Antigen 5-related protein, CAP protein superfamily member26 kDaUnknown2016-10-11